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02/23/2015 Hearing Review

Aspire Rewards Workshop Provided Business Insights

02/17/2015 Brandpoint

7 mind-blowing ways smart hearing aids can change your life

01/29/2015: NewsWatch Review

Siemens – binax Smart Hearing Aid

01/23/2015: Brandpoint

5 reasons to get your kids’ hearing checked this year

01/07/2015 IHS: The Hearing Professional

Baby Boomers Fight Hearing Loss with High Tech (Page 19)

Addressing Patient Needs with Binaural Features: The Practical Benefits of Siemens binax (Page 21)

01/04-01/08 CES 2015 Coverage


Smart Hearing Aids From Siemens at CES

Hearing Health & Technology Matters

Watch Out, Watch Out, Here Her Comes!


From Smartwatches to Smart Hearing Aids, Wearable Impress at CES (slide 11)

Today’s Medical Developments

Smart Hearing Aids

Shiny Shiny

CES 2015: Siemens’ easyTek™ is the Smart Hearing Aid You Can Control via App

Audiology Online

Siemens Introduces Smart Hearing Aids at the 2015 International CES

Audiology Today

One of the Biggest Challenges Independent Audiologists Face Today is Remaining Competitive in an Industry That Many Consider “Under Attack”

Cool Wearable

Siemens Smart Hearing Aid


Siemens Makes The Hearing Aid Smarter With easyTek


Siemens Introduces New Smart Hearing Aids


Siemens Unveils Smart Hearing Aids

Medical Device Network

Siemens to Unveil New Smart Hearing Aids


Siemens to Introduce New Smart Hearing Aids


Smart Hearing Aids


Health Devices Take the Stage at Consumer Electronics Show


Hearing Aid Uses Your Smartphone to Target Sound in a Noisy Room


New Siemens Hearing Aid Allows Audio “Zoom In: via Smartphone

Tech Republic

CES 2015: Six Cool New Wearable Tech Devices

The Verge

Siemens’ New Hearing Aids Let You Zoom in on Sounds with Your Smartphone

Zennie 62

Siemens Hearing Aid Products at CES #CES2015 – Video